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A service fee, is a fee that a financial service(s)/credit provider(s) charges a consumer for servicing a credit agreement between them. The fee is for administering or maintaining the credit agreement. A OnceOff Service Fee of R250.00 Is ReQuired for Us To Process Your Application

If a loan is declined we can forward your details for Debt-Restructuring in order to get your Credit Profile in good standing so you can apply for Home-Loans, Car Finance etc. in future (Not Debt Review or Counselling). Please contact us about this offer |

Admin Processing Fee

R 250
  • Only Applications Whose SERVICE FEE Has Been Paid Will Be Processed.
  • SERVICE FEE Is Compulsory
  • SERVICE FEE Is Upfront.
  • SERVICE FEE is UnRefundable


We Do Not Debit Service Fee Due To The Fact That Clients Tend to Reverse The Transactions. So please Do Not Ask Us To Debit Your Account Because It Will Not Happen.