Ekhaya Loans

Ekhaya Loans gives out any of these types of loans:

  1. Personal loans
  2. Business or Commercial loans
  3. Consolidation Loans
  4. House loan
  5. Car loan
  6. Short term loans
  7. Long-term loans
  8. Student or tuition or fees loan
  9. Vacation or holiday loan
  10. Health condition loan

You can apply online for a loan at Ekhaya Loans here. APPLY ONLINE NOW

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The following are also helped by Ekhaya Loans:

  • Foreigners Residing In South Africa.
  • All South Africans of all Races and backgrounds.
  • All South Africans Outside South Africa
  • All SADC Nations
  • All Citizens of All African Nations
  • All those interested in Our Services all over the World.
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Category: Ekhaya Loans

It only takes 15 Minutes for the money to ching ching into your account – Pay and Clear Now Style.

Category: Ekhaya Loans

You are able to apply for a loan of between R3 000ZAR – R10 000 000.00ZAR from Ekhaya Loans.

Category: Ekhaya Loans